Wiklund Tom

Exam:MD, PhD, adjunct professor
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English
Tom Wiklund serves as chief clinical director at  Docrates Cancer Center. He has previously served at Helsinki University Cancer Center, and in the pharmaceutical industry at Pfizer and Roche.

He is specialized in oncology and radiotherapy at Helsinki University in 1989, where he also has dissertated in 1993, and has served as adjunct professor since 1996.

His scientific production relates to the treatment of sarcomas, lymphomas, breast cancer and testicular cancer. He has also investigated long term side effects of cancer treatments. He has been involved in several Nordic and international study groups.

Tom Wiklund speaks swedish, finnish and english fluently.

Tom Wiklund has a long experience from investigating and treating patients with cancer. He will be glad to share more information to the patient, prescribe needed additional investigations and discuss treatment alternatives, both pros and cons. He is also interested in long term follow up of patients with cancer, and survivorship care to identify potential recurrent cancer and long term side effects of cancer treatments.
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