Eira Hospital’s expert surgeons perform breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast-lifts and breast reduction. We use the latest techniques and silicone implants of the highest quality. Breast augmentation is performed as out-patient surgery and under mild general anaesthetic. Following a breast reduction, you spend the night in our comfortable in-patient unit.

We also offer breast reduction for men.

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Breast augmentation and breast-lift

If you are dissatisfied with the size or shape of your breasts, it is a good idea to consult a plastic surgeon at Eira Hospital, with whom you can discuss various surgical methods on an individual basis.

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Breast reduction

A breast reduction is most often performed for health reasons on women who want to reduce the size of their breasts and often have pain in their back and shoulders. A large bust can be a hindrance when exercising or lead to bad posture and headaches. In cases of this type, the health insurance reimburses part of the cost of the surgery.

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Breast reduction with a HUS voucher

At Eira, we perform breast reductions in return for payment with HUS vouchers. The excess covers the consultation with a plastic surgeon, advice from a nurse, the surgery, the overnight stay in Eira’s in-patient unit and follow-up examination about one week after the surgery.

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Breast reductions for men with a large bust (gynaecomastia)

It is not uncommon for the mammary glands of men, particularly during puberty or following hormone treatment for prostate cancer, to grow and, in some cases, even give a feminine impression. One or both breasts are enlarged in up to 50% of men. The problem is cosmetic, but can be troublesome.

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