An occupational physiotherapist’s job description primarily includes preventing and correcting problems. For individual employees, workplaces or working conditions, the occupational physiotherapist excaminates and assesses the physical capacity with respect to work. It is essential to follow the employee in the workplace in the environment they move about in. When you have a sense of the employee’s real working situation it becomes possible to change any stressful positions and movements and reduce the load by finding a more ergonomic position that suits them.

The occupational physiotherapist has knowledge and experience of various pieces of furniture and assistive devices and can help with selecting these.

Employees’ physical health is charted through various health and performance tests. Those we use include First Beat, which measures heart rate, a muscle condition test and an endurance test.

We also organise lectures and group activities with themes involving workplace well-being and exercise aspects of occupational health.


NEW: Bicycle ergometer test

Now we can offer you bicycle ergometer tests to assess your health condition. Contact the physiotherapist and ask for more information.

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Firstbeat wellness analysis

Is the workload and the recovery from the work in balance with each other? Is your level of fitness sufficient to meet the demands of the work day? The Firstbeat method analyses your pulse over three days. Measurements taken under normal conditions provide an objective and comprehensive report of your well-being.

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