Not all stomach, intestinal, gallbladder and other symptoms in the internal organs lead to surgery. A large proportion of the commonest stomach problems are due to a functional or other cause that can be treated with modern methods and medication.

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Endoscopy of stomach and intestines

Diffuse stomach problems? There are good reasons to examinate the problems sooner rather than later. Stomach and intestine problems are very common. If you have eaten too much you may sometimes experience stomach pain and heartburn. It is worth seeing a specialist doctor if the problems occur often or if new problems arise.

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Haemorrhoids and haemorrhoid surgery

Haemorrhoids are distended or enlarged veins around the anus. They are both problematic and common. In many cases, they can be removed, but they may return.

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Hernias and hernia operations

Hernias are openings or weak points in the abdominal wall that allow some of the abdominal contents to bulge out of the abdominal cavity. The most common locations for hernias are the groin and navel. A doctor can confirm the hernia during a normal clinic consultation.

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The commonest disorder of the oesophagus is stomach contents coming back up from the stomach. This regurgitation is called reflux and is most often due to a hiatus hernia, where the upper part of the stomach pushes up into the chest cavity through an enlarged oesophageal gap, resulting in the stomach contents spilling up into the oesophagus.

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Gallstones and gallbladder surgery

Gallstones usually form in the gallbladder. They are forced down from the gallbladder through the bile ducts. Gallstones often cause a typical gallbladder attack in the upper right abdomen following the ingestion of certain foods.

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Colonic surgery

The colon can be affected by various diseases such as inflammations, wounds, tumours, polyps, diverticula and functional disorders that cause symptoms that vary depending on type and location.

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Surgical repair of Inguinal Hernia with a HUS voucher

We perform inguinal hernia surgery with vouchers that have been granted by HUS. The excess covers the surgeon’s clinic and the operation.

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