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Eira Hospital and Medical Center is a renowned private medical facility located in southern Helsinki offering wide-ranging medical services and surgical excellence in all key care areas.

Eira is known for its impeccable customer care and top quality services. Our broad range of services include general practitioners' and specialist doctors' appointments, occupational healthcare, surgery, physiotherapy and a large variety of other health services.

Welcome to Eira - we will take good care of you.

General practitioner
Mon 27.11.
20 min
Metso Maritta
Occupational health physician, General practitioner
Eira Medical Centre
Mon 27.11.
30 min
Oksman Petri
Specialist in ophthalmology, Opthalmic surgeon
Eira Medical Centre
Vascular Surgery
Mon 27.11.
20 min
Railo Mikael
Specialist in vascular surgery and gastroenterological surgery
Eira Medical Centre
Plastic surgery
Mon 27.11.
45 min
Rautio Minna
Plastic surgeon
Eira Medical Centre

Special offers of eye surgery

Struggling with glasses and contact lenses? RelexSmile laser surgery now 1490 €/eye! Save 800 €! READ MORE!

Now those with presbyopia can also enjoy a life without glasses! Refractive lens exchange now -10 %! Save even 658 €! READ MORE!

Do you worry about cataracts? Book an appointment for a pre-examination! Ophthalmologists pre-examination now 120 €! READ MORE!

Man, look after your health! PSA test quickly and easily!

Regular checks of the PSA value make it possible to detect prostate cancer at an early stage.

We recommend that men over the age of 50 get tested once a year. If there is a family history of prostate cancer, it is a good idea to start checking the value at a younger age.

You are most welcome to come into our laboratories for the test without a referral or an appointment! Now 25 €! Offer valid until 30th of November 2017.

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Ultherapy® – facelift without surgery

You can now get a non-surgical facelift at Eira Hospital with the new treatment method Ultherapy®. Our experienced plastic surgeons have been specially trained in Ultherapy® and now also perform facelifts using Ultherapy® ultrasound treatment.

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Gastroenterological diseases and operations

You can quickly get help for stomach and intestinal problems at Eira Hospital. Our experienced doctors investigate your symptoms and perform hernia, gallbladder and intestinal surgery, as well as other gastric surgery procedures.

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Alcohol Detoxification Clinic

Alcohol detoxification patients are always treated with respect for the patient’s privacy at Eira Hospital. Our services include detoxification treatment in the in-patient unit, consultations with doctors specialising in addiction, psychiatrist who specialise in addiction and therapists. They also include a rehabilitation course and guided self-help group.

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Bariatric surgery

Severe obesity is a common and chronic disease, the symptoms of which develop gradually. The disease makes everyday life more difficult and reduces quality of life in many ways. Obesity is associated with increased blood pressure and high cholesterol values and also increases the risk of suffering from, for example, myocardial infarction, diabetes and cancer. Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective forms of treatment for severe obesity.

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